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Pizze Fritte - Fried Pizzettas Napoli Style

Pizzetta Portafoglio
Ma tu vulive 'a pizza,
'a pizza, 'a pizza...
cu 'a pummarola 'ncoppa,
cu 'a pummarola 'ncoppa,
Ma tu vulive 'a pizza,
'a pizza, 'a pizza,
cu 'a pummarola 'ncoppa...
'a pizza e niente cchiù!...

Is very typical on the streets of Napoli to grab a small pizza on the go, la pizzetta a portafoglio, or a a pizza fritta from a local standing shop.
The song says exactely this: You just wanted the Pizza with tomato sauce on it.. the pizza, the pizza a nothing more!  There are people ( like me) that can eat pizza every day, specially for lunch!
Making pizze e pizze fritte is very simple but is a real treat!
Here after the recipes but remember... the flour is very important! I've been making pizza since I arrived in Holland and I'm still not satisfied with the result. The best will be buying pizza flour in a a local Italian Shop but is very expensive and I'm not sure that the result is what I want from my Pizzas!
There are so many different kind of flour and grains that the best is if you keep on trying until you find what you think it taste good!

So here is the recipe!

INGREDIENTS for the pasta
 1kg of flour
800g water
7gr yeast
7gr salt
olive oil

Pizzetta before be foldered in portafoglio

for garnish:

tomatoes sauce
mozzarella or fresh cheese
fresh basil leaves
parmiggiano reggiano cheese
smoked ham
for the filling:

ricotta cheese
ham in blocks
Than also:

Oil for frying
Oven plate and oven Paper


Prepare the 3/4 of the flour in front of you on a wooden board, open it in the middle and add in the hole the yeast and the olive oil and start to mix, the compost till is a bit compact than let it sleep for 15 minutes.

When the time is passed add the salt and start again to mix.

Pizzette fritte con salsa

To knead the dough pull the border of the dough in the centre and push it down, use quite lot of energy and every little bit, lift the dough in the air and throw it on the table. Let the dough absorbs all the remaining flour.

Knead the pasta for around 20 minutes than put it in the fridge for 24 hours.

When needed take the dough out of the fridge, pour some flour on the table and, only with the help of bare hands, lay the dough on the oven plate or prepare the small pizzettas to be fried.

Pizza Ripiena Filled with Ricotta e Mozzarella
 If you want to prepare filled pizzettas remember to place the filling in the centre of the dough and to push very well the pasta to close it.

In the oven: place the pizza in the already warmed up oven at 250 grades at the lower level than, after 10 minutes place it in the middle and let it keep on cooking for another 10 minutes. If you are preparing a pizza with mozzarella is better to add the mozzarella and the parmiggiano at this moment to avoid them to burn.

In the frying pan: throw the pizzettas in deep oil and pull them out after 3-5 minutes when they are golden brown. The oil temperature should be around 170 grades.
Dry the excess of the oil out of the pizzettas and garnish them and....


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