domenica 24 febbraio 2013

Chocolate Heart Nutella Muffin

This is a simply but amazing recipe!
Nutella is the famous italian nuts spread choclate.
In alternative you can try with dark chocolate or white chocolate but!
I really love this one!


  • 140 gr. sugar
  • 250
    di flour "00"
  • 1 bag yeast for baking
  • 1 little spoon bicarbonate
  • 85 gr.soft butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 200 ml. milk
  • 12 little spoons of Nutella ( 12 Muffins)
  • Muffin baking tin
  • Muffin cups
  • a pinch of salt


Prepare your oven at 180-200 degrees.
Mix first always the humid ingredients.
Mix the eggs with the sugar.
Than add the butter.
Add the milk.
Add slowly the flour, the yeats and bicarbonate,
The mixture must be not too soft and not too liquid! Nicely creamy.
Pour one spoon of mixture, than a spoon of nutella, than cover with some more mixture.
Cook for around 20 min till they are nicely brown en 


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