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Magnificent Pudding with hazelnuts

this magnificent recipe is from the blog
Acqua e farina-sississima

the recipe is in Italian and I'm going to represent it to you cause the pudding should be delicious and you can definitely prepare it with the magical Piemonte Hazelnuts that where the reason why Nutella is world wide famous... chocolate hazelnuts paste from Ferrero an Italian company!

If you want to hae more information please write to the blogger or to me and I'll sand her your requests.

Ciao and W L'ITALIA !

INGREDIENTS for about 3 puddings

  • 100 ml milk
  • 1 egg
  • 50 gr. sugar
  • 50 gr. of fine chopped hazelnuts
  • vanilla extract
  • chocolate sprinkles

Let boil the milk with the vanilla extract
In a small pot put 2 spoons of sugar with a bit of water and let it caramelized
Pour the sugar in the pudding mold.
Beat up will the egg, add the rest of the sugar than slowly the hot milk and vanilla, this will also pasteurize the Add the hazelnuts and mix well.
Cook in the oven at 180 grades for about 30 min. at bain-marie.
This is the bain-marie
in an oven dish, put the molds than add hot water.
Put the dish in the oven
When serving add the chocolate sprinkles.


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  1. ti ringrazio per la pubblicità alla mia ricetta ma gradire che togliessi la mia foto da qui, ciao SILVIA

  2. capisco, anche se la tua foto e' firmata e la ricetta e' collegata alla tua ... la rimuovo come desideri

  3. grazie infinite per la gentilezza, ciao SILVIA


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