mercoledì 6 febbraio 2013

The Real Italian Pizza - Sorbillo Napoli Pizza

Gino Sorbillo and his Calzone Ripieno
yesterday on our main channel RAIUNO in one of the most followed ( if not the most followed) cooking program, was host GINO SORBILLO!

Now, since i was a baby, ( is 4 generation that the restaurant is there) the pizza from the Sorbillo Pizzeria was the best. You can not eaven say Sorbillo in Napoli that people star tu say AHHHHHHHHH

A' PIZZA....

Sorbillo is Pizza

So if you are visiting Napoli you can't avoid to stop a moment to enjoy a piece of heaven.


Gino Sorbillo gave the recipe of a special pizza, Pizza with Cheese Filled Crust.
But he also gave the idea of how in Napoli they are prepared the dough for the pizza.
Not easy, but is worth to try.

here the recipe for the Pizza Sorbillo Dough
here the recipe for the Pizza with Cheese Filled Crust

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